Young people need time to unwind, socialize, and exercise.

To that end, Saint Alexander Academy students will play sports, participate in student clubs, and take time to relax and be with friends. We will make sure that students can enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the school. They will have many opportunities to get outside, to breathe the fresh air, and to have fun hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, skiing and exploring.

Personal Fitness

Physical education and fitness will occur within several contexts.

Students will be able to develop physical and mental strength and resilience through the personal fitness options that will be available when playing sports, spending time outdoors, and working on the farm.


Students will build communication, collaboration, and leadership skills while working as a team.

Working together on a problem, goal, or mutual-interest activity can be fulfilling and deepen friendships. We will encourage students to develop these abilities and to adopt a positive attitude when working with others on a team.

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“Nature is our best teacher.”


St. John Chrysostom