High Academic Standards

Our pedagogical model is inspired by a Christian, classical educational approach adapted for 21st century success.

The curriculum will be challenging and substantive.  Areas of study will include theology, modern languages, Latin, biblical Greek, mathematics, history, the arts and sciences, and English grammar and composition. We will also emphasize individual creativity (music, poetry, art, craftsmanship) and practical skill development.

Prayer will be central to academy life.  Weekly Divine Liturgy and portions of the Church’s daily liturgical cycle will be required of all students and faculty.  Personal as well as corporate prayer will be expected in all aspects of residential and academic life.

Intellectual formation in the classroom will be complemented by tasks that apply knowledge and teach practical skills and self-sufficiency. We will guide students to recognize and apply interconnections across subjects.

We will emphasize integration of knowledge and hands-on learning. For example, all students will have responsibilities on the school farm, giving them weekly opportunities to learn as they grow food and care for animals. Imagine the many ways that a student can enjoy and use what they learn such as: composing a Troparian, painting an icon, building a Dobsonian telescope, baking bread, or crafting a useful tool.

Practical and Life Skills

Learning practical life skills will help students grow into well-rounded and well-prepared adults.

All students will be taught etiquette, personal finance, basic agriculture, communication, and computer skills. Students will be able to develop in other areas as well. A range of electives and workshops will be available, including household repair and maintenance, stone masonry, electrical fundamentals, small engine repair, culinary arts, and carpentry.

Effective Teaching

Teachers will select instructional approaches that best fit an academic subject, students’ needs, and learning objectives. We will choose methods that help students to thrive.

We already have a team of award-winning teachers who serve as Executive Director and advisors during these early stages of institutional development. Talented teachers are already in the mix. We will remember that teachers influence students’ hearts and minds when we are ready to begin teacher recruitment. We take this responsibility seriously. Our teachers will be subject experts, deeply committed Christians, and people who truly care about the wellbeing of each student. We also promise to respect parents’ rights to guide the education of their children.

Graduates Who Thrive

The excellent academic foundation offered at Saint Alexander Academy will prepare graduates to be Christian Servant Leaders and lifelong learners.

Graduates will have the foundation that they need to thrive in whatever life path they choose — whether that leads them to college, a trade, entrepreneurship, a career, or family life.

The Saint Alexander Academy family will continue to be a lifelong support network to graduates. Academy alumni will enjoy benefits such as unlimited online access to educational modules and the school library, career resources, and support from faculty and fellow alumni.

Alumni will return to our beautiful campus to enjoy special events and to stay connected to the Saint Alexander Academy community. Alumni will also become a support and — in some cases — mentors to current students.

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