Our school model is inspired by a Christian, classical educational approach adapted for 21st century success.

Saint Alexander Academy will be a supportive Christian community that does not run from the world but engages it by forming confident and well-educated young Christian leaders.

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Life at Saint Alexander Academy will not be an exercise in tedium, sterile silos of information, and endless standardized tests.

Rather, we will help our students to become active learners and will encourage them to apply knowledge across contexts. The Academy experience will help students to cultivate and embrace personal qualities such as adaptability, perseverance, excellent critical-thinking skills, and resilience.


We live in a world where even faith-based schools stray from their founders’ visions and succumb to the zeitgeist.

Our children are at risk. Subpar academics, unhealthy habits, and anti-Christian ideologies and activism are pervasive in our country. At Saint Alexander Academy, God will be honored, and each student will develop intellectually, spiritually, and physically supported by a faithful Christian community.

The Academy will welcome students from across the country and around the world.

Orthodox Christians from various jurisdictions and students from other traditions who share our faith in Christ will study and pray in a school committed to building up Orthodoxy in a North American context. Students will be intellectually and morally prepared to be the leaders our society so desperately needs.

Life on Campus

Building Something New on a Foundation of Faith

What type of school do Christian families want for their children?

An Excellent Education

Families want their children to receive an excellent education. College-bound graduates should be well prepared to study at first-rate colleges and universities. Graduates interested in the trades and technical training deserve the solid foundation that they need to excel. We will encourage all Saint Alexander Academy graduates to make a positive difference in the world.

Inspiring Teachers and Peers

Parents want caring, knowledgeable teachers who encourage creativity, spark imaginations, and nurture the joy of learning. Parents also want their children to form friendships with peers who strive to live life in uplifting ways.


Families want a school that respects the rights of parents and guardians to direct their children’s development. Saint Alexander Academy will be that place.

Christian Values & Traditions

Parents want their children to embrace Christian values and traditions. By God’s grace, our campus environment will help students to transform from children into young Christian men and women during their years at Saint Alexander Academy.

More Time in Nature

Many parents want their teenagers to spend more time in nature and to learn good stewardship of God’s creation. At Saint Alexander Academy, students will be in nature often during outdoor learning and recreation and when working on the school farm.

Staying Active

Teenagers need time to exercise, socialize, and relax. Students will play sports, join student clubs, create, and enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking, and biking.

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