Life at Saint Alexander Academy

Campus life will be challenging, personally and spiritually fulfilling, inspiring, and fun.

Academic Excellence

The substantive curriculum will include courses in the areas of mathematics, science, history, theology, English, Latin, biblical Greek, modern languages, the arts, and technology.


So often in the modern context, young men and women are severed from their cultural and spiritual roots. We believe that they have a right to that patrimony, and we are committed to helping them to fully live their lives in Christ.


The young also need time to play, to socialize and to explore the beauty of the created world.  We believe that those times should not be mediated by cellphones and screens.

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A Working Farm and Stewardship

Students will learn to grow food and care for livestock on the school farm. They will learn how to be good stewards of God’s creation and grow in self-sufficiency.

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Other Valuable Experiences

Dual-credit Classes, Leadership Opportunities, Service, Study Abroad, and the Fifth Year

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